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California’s 1%: Income Inequality in Light of Two Recessions
On the heels of French economist Thomas Piketty’s bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century, income inequality and the rise of the “one-percent” have become almost ubiquitous subjects of discussion. In this report, we describe just how much inequality rose in California between 1996 and 2011, decomposing income trends between the state’s top one-percent and bottom ninety-nine-percent of taxpayers.
California High-Speed Rail: Construction on Track, Funding Unsecured
The High-Speed Rail Project has secured funding from the state’s Cap-and-Trade program, but not enough to cover its costs. In January 2015, the project began construction at a rapid pace and must now address its funding problems before its initial funds run out.
Any Way You Slice It, California’s Budget Remains Unstable
This Op-Ed, published in Fox & Hounds Daily, explains some of the budgetary problems the state faces.
5 Points from Gov. Brown’s State of the State 2015
Governor Brown's State of the State speech addressed the state’s economic recovery, outstanding fiscal liabilities, and forthcoming investments in the energy sector. Here’s what you need to know.
The Open Records Initiative
CACS is proud to announce the launch of the Open Records Initiative (ORI). ORI is a web-based platform that provides the public with free electronic access to nearly 20,000 records for local, state, and federal governments.

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