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What was Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission?
In 2010, the Supreme Court case Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission overturned the ban on certain types of corporate expenditures for political candidates. This brief outlines campaign spending regulations before Citizens United, the details of the case, and the final decision.
What is “Boom-and-Bust Budgeting?”
The practice of rapidly increasing and decreasing spending in the face of volatile and unpredictable revenue is known as “boom-and-bust budgeting.” This brief outlines the causes of boom-and-bust budgeting and how it contributes to fiscal instability in California.
What are Three Strikes Laws?
Three Strikes Laws impose increasingly punitive sentences upon individuals previously convicted of a felony. This brief reviews the implementation of Three Strikes Laws across the country and evaluates their discernable impact on crime and incarceration.

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I believe CACS can serve as the catalyst for a revolution in how citizens interface with our government, not only in California but also in cities, counties, and states throughout America. These Stanford students have the tools and passion required to enact their mission. I urge you to join me in supporting CACS to better our state and country’s governance.”George Shultz Former Secretary of State

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