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California Common Sense

We use data to help cut through rhetoric and make sense of America’s state, city, and county governments.

Our research and data products serve to make government more open, more accessible, and more accountable to you.

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California Common Sense is a non-partisan 501(c)3 non-profit policy group dedicated to opening government to the public. We find government data, contextualize it, and make sense of it for you.

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Find government financial records in our searchable database.
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Learn about key policy issues by exploring issue briefs, articles, and visualizations.
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Visualize, customize, and download government financial and performance data.
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America’s Road Funding Challenge

America’s roads and highways are facing unprecedented use, but funds to maintain and improve them are generally static or declining. This brief explains how states fund road and highway projects and identifies key causes of the funding deficit..

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What is the Labor Force Participation Rate?

The labor force participation rate is an important labor market indicator that captures the extent to which potential workers are participating. This brief defines the labor force participation rate, highlights recent national trends, and explores why they matter.

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Snow Water Content in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Comparing the snow water contents of April 1 in 2010 and 2015, the levels declined by approximately 95% across all three regions of the Sierra Nevada mountains. See how snowfall and water have decreased in this visualization.

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“I wish that when I was working in government I had a tool like the data transparency portal that California Common Sense has created, because it helps both politicians and citizens understand how the state operates. Their open data projects take a major step toward a more transparent, accountable, and efficient government.”

Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Former Mayor of San Francisco

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