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What is the Labor Force Participation Rate?
The labor force participation rate (LFPR) is an important labor market indicator that captures the extent to which potential workers are participating in the labor force. Labor force participation can affect a region’s productivity and economic growth. This brief defines the labor force participation rate (LFPR), highlights recent national trends, and explores why they matter.
New School Budget Realities: Rising Benefit Costs under Recent Solution
Over the past decade, California’s school districts have decreased expenditures on salaries, books and supplies, but increased spending on employee benefits. A 2014 law requires school districts to further increase their benefit costs by increasing their annual payments to the underfunded California State Teachers’ Retirement System starting in the coming years.
Three Indicators that Explain Just How Bad California’s Drought Is
This issue brief covers some of the key environmental variables that are threatening California's water supply.

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