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Before and After: California’s Drought in Satellite Photos
This visualization illustrates how California's water levels in 2014 have declined compared to 2006 utilizing Google Earth satellite imagery.
Why Income Inequality Studies Can’t Seem to Agree
It seems new studies on income inequality are coming out every week. Here's what you need to know to understand them.
The Juice, Ep. 01 : CA High-Speed Rail: Train to Nowhere?
Welcome to The Juice, California Common Sense’s new podcast. The Juice delivers smart policy discussions directly to your earbuds. Our guest is Christian Edwards, who expresses his not-so-apologetic disapproval of High-Speed Rail, and we parse out the issues at stake.
Medicaid Misallocation: How the Federal Government Miscalculates State Funding Needs
This analysis finds that although the current federal formula uses PCI to reflect a state’s financial resources and Medicaid needs, it is represents both poorly. We present a Revised FMAP for each state by replacing PCI with alternate indicators that better reflect both state financial resources and Medicaid needs. The revised formula dramatically alters the FMAP for many states.
The Open Records Initiative
CACS is proud to announce the launch of the Open Records Initiative (ORI). ORI is a web-based platform that provides the public with free electronic access to nearly 20,000 records for local, state, and federal governments.

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I believe CACS can serve as the catalyst for a revolution in how citizens interface with our government, not only in California but also in cities, counties, and states throughout America. These Stanford students have the tools and passion required to enact their mission. I urge you to join me in supporting CACS to better our state and country’s governance.”George Shultz Former Secretary of State

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